Live Acoustic performance by ‘Beating Hearts Club’ at OFU

‘Heroin’ by Beating Hearts Club. Recorded and Mixed by Adam Barns

Here is an acoustic track I did recently that has some great live in the studio footage. Beating Hearts Club performed this live and we mixed it that afternoon at One Flight Up Recording Studios.

The band had recently completed a full album and wanted to revisit this song which was the 1st single from said album. While the band is a fully fledged outfit with drummer, they decided to strip this version back to bare melodic elements while performing all parts live. We kept the signal chains fairly simple, and experimented with some of the in-house amps (you can see some in the video) to shape the guitar and piano tones, while creating a ‘jam vibe’ for the boys.

One noteworthy factoid of the session: this was all mixed to analogue tape in Studio One at OFU. We did a lot of A/B checking and found the tape really helped the presence and depth of the mix.

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